Shipewrecked III - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

Shipewrecked III

OK, from my Facebook post asking for feedback, it seems public opinion is very clear! Thank you all who responded. The final treatment that won most support is demonstrated here.

This is a combination of image one and image two, with greater sky density introduced, in support of clarity within the sea edge.

Previous examples can be viewed in earlier posts. Please enjoy these shots, as I am really pleased to have made the effort to go out and capture them. As I noted earlier, it has been a personal project on my mind for some time. My New Year resolution was to just go out and do it!

The more technical amongst you may be interested to note, that most captures seen here are in fact not black and white conversions from true colour digital files, but in fact the result faux infra red captures. (Faux in terms of infra red lens filtration, rather than adapted sensor manipulation or infra red film).





Other variations of images can also be viewed below.