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Should have been more careful…

I couldn’t help myself laughing at this. Maybe that is just my warped sense of humour.

Charles Apple was sharp spotting this, but I guess many folk watching TV would not have clicked the cover wasn’t the real one.

Full credit goes to;

Why you should never, ever steal an image off the internet

By Charles Apple

The folks at Denver’s ABC-affiliated 7News last night ran a story about the David Petraeus sex scandal, his “mistress,” Paula Broadwell, and her biography of Patraeus, All In.

Except instead of pulling an actual copy of the book cover, somebody just ran a Google search and pulled in the first thing they found. Which, unfortunately for 7News, was an altered copy of the book cover.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. And it needn’t have happened. Clearly, whoever pulled that image didn’t even look closely at it.

On the left, here, is the actual book cover. On the right is that image 7News pulled, most likely from a Google search.