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Stripped Bare

Currently I am teaching a short course at the the CPIT Fashion School. Situated right on the red zone boundary, the Fashion School building directly overlooks the red zone boundary on both High St and Tuam St. It is such an odd feeling surrounded by devastation on two sides. There’s concrete trucks, workmen, demolition trucks, high vis vests, flashing lights, & jack hammers for Africa!! Funny, as on the green zone side (St Asaph / Madras St), the Mobil station and McDonalds sit eerily empty, void of stock, awaiting an uncertain outcome.

Strange how the tide has turned in this part of town. Great to see the rebuild underway on High St, and the progress on much of the Tuam St. Despite that, seeing the heart of the city being stripped bare is still hard to fathom. Speaking of stripped bare, the Atami lounge (Gentlemen’s club, Tuam St) has been partly demolished, with the top story open for all to see, complete with erotic poster and wall mirrors! I bet not many folk will confess to recognising that!!

High St at the St Asaph St corner. CPIT bdg on right.

View from window looking out to High / Tuam St.

'Left Click' building, Madras St during deconstruction. Since shooting and posting this image, it has all gone.

The Atami laid bare.

McD's and Mobil, on Madras.