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Talk about pressure….

Not my cup of tea, if you know what I mean.

But imagine this, you had to make a cup of tea. Probably not too hard really.

OK, try making a really good cup of leaf tea the proper way. Getting slightly tougher?

Now, try a really good cup of tea grown by the master himself, Merrill Fernando, the owner of Dilmah.

Umm, I think there might have been some very anxious staff here! Not that he would have minded, as Mr Fernando and his two sons were perfect gentlemen. They were out in Rangiora today visiting a client, as part of their tour to NZ that co-incided with the ICC World Cup.

After that, I went home a made a nice wee cup of tea myself (yes, only ever Dilmah!), and thought, I wonder if Mr Fernando would rate it?! Don’t boil twice, steep for no more than 2minutes, 1 spoon for the pot, swirl clockwise is it…. I think I got it right!


Merrill Fernando from Dilmah tea visits Christchurch, February 17th 2015.