The Sun Still Rises - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

The Sun Still Rises

OK – I admit it. I’ve been a bit slack on blogging and most things social media!

I thought that Covid was going to deliver us strange times, and think for many, 2020 has indeed been a year of huge disruption. I was always suspicious we would have a big famine, followed by a feast. From my experience, this has indeed played out. Not that I am not grateful, as it could have just been a big famine. New Zealand, through various actions & decisions, has fared better than many countries.

A lot of my work postponed, and a lot cancelled. Some jobs had 2-3 attempts at re-scheduling, but in the end was not worth clients re-commiting further energy, or money, in uncertain times. But on the whole, things have picked back up again, albeit compressed into a shorter space in the later part of the year.

Yet, what is clear is people need people, people need to celebrate, and people want to get together. In reality, it was all quite inevitable. We just needed to reassure ourselves, and hunker down to weather the storm.  The sun still rises on another day.


ARA Bachelor of Nursing graduating class, November 2020.


Jump Jam South Island Champs November 2020