The Wedding of Janine & Vinesh, Clearwater Resort - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

The Wedding of Janine & Vinesh, Clearwater Resort

To see two cultures come together is a beautiful thing. Certainly that was the case for Vinesh and Janine on Friday at Clearwater. Janine made a special effort to embrace Fijian Indian customs, and Vinnie just looked that part in traditional dress. I did worry a bit about the back wash from the chopper, but Vinnie did alright and didn’t loose anything!! We stayed on site at Clearwater for photos, which in low autumn light was lovely and soft. Though at this time of year, can get a bit fresh for the girls, with more skin showing. We did hint at sharing jackets, but the lads weren’t quite up to speed there!! Perhaps they needed them for the speedy buggy rides!

The only sad thing was that it was the last wedding working with Emma, who is off from Clearwater as Wedding Co-ordinator, to Events Manager at Rangi Ruru. Best of luck Emma!