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Time Out…

In the past I have alluded to the fact family holidays and serious photography ventures are not great travel buddies. With that in mind, my family had planned a break up north in the school holidays. Having some existing commitments, I couldnt make it away for as long. Taking the chance, I managed a few days away for some ‘strategic reorganisation’ and to work on some personal project ideas that have been brewing for a while.

I had such a ball, I’m thinking it might become an annual event!! It was just magic to have some space to think through some ideas, and to shoot to my hearts content. Despite the cold, I was even shooting every evening doing some night photography as well.

I’ll share a few shots below.

Landscape photographer

scenic photographer

seascape pictures

historic places

seascape photography

tourist photos

Mt Tasman

calender photography

historic photo

Not a true landscape, I know. But part of a series at an abandoned psychiatric institution. Now, this was neat…

Tony Stewart photographer

With the back of a camper van as my office, I couldn’t help thinking this wasn’t too bad. Mt Cook, Mt Tasman as a backdrop, perfect weather, amazing scenery – this is NZ at its finest.