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Weekend away down south

Have just managed a weekend away down south, which was a Mothers Day / Birthday treat for my wife. Was a magnificent break, that was just spent relaxing.

Based in Queenstown, we drove the short journey to Glenorchy, where the lake flooding of the last week was still obvious.

Landscape photography

I always enjoy looking about the NZ high country and love Central Otago with its rich pioneering history. Seen here are the ruins of the Glenorchy Scheelite Battery (~105 yrs old, mining a tungsten based ore largely for armanments during WWI & WWII).

Glenorchy photos

Generally speaking, if away with family I do not take my camera. Murphy on the other hand I think was a wise man, and was correct in noting the sights you see when you haven’t got your gun (or camera). As usual, in trying to separate work from family, I end up scurrying about borrowing a camera – in this case my wife’s point and shoot. Maybe the lesson is to always carry it afterall. So much for trying to keep work and pleasure separate!

Landscape photos
Lake Hayes