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Well Done All Volunteers

Having just worked for two events over Labour Weekend, I’d love to share a big vote of thanks for role of volunteers. Reunions and sports events take a huge amount of work by many folk. But like the tip of an iceberg, what participants see is only part of the effort. Unseen are the months of preparation, the financial stress, and time away from family.

To the organisers of the National Deaf Games and Hoon Hay School 50th Jubilee, well done for magic events. Particularly enjoyable too given the low currently battering CHCH, held off just long enough.

I had to laugh at this shot. It started off as a casual candid snap at the Jubilee conversazione of three people. It snowballed and snowballed to what you see here. Normally people run a mile when they see a camera. Not here!

Hoon Hay staff