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Who to be happy for?!

I often laugh when clients talk about a perfect wedding. The thought of blue sky, sun, no wind, the dream of a fluffly white dress… Aside from the dress, it is often a photographer’s worse case scenario. The allure of soft lighting from dull clouds or impeding rain does not have too much to offer clients on their big day.

Nevertheless I promise to be happy for my clients, in return if they are happy for me. Eitherway, one of us is a winner!!

Yet, with 28deg heat, a classic Canterbury Nor’west, bright sun, it really isn’t an easy task. Yet as I see it, the true challenge of a professional photographer is to know that you can come up with the goods regardless.

Many new photographers get into the industry through encouragement from friends and family. While valid enough, you need more than a few well caught snaps that impress the ones you know. It is certainty and reliability that I think makes a professional. Every time, no excuses. Not just when it is cloudy. Not just with folk you know. But worst case conditions – 28deg heat, a classic Canterbury Nor’west, & bright sun!!

Big thanks to Eamon & Elizabeth who managed to survive yesterday. You worked hard for a top effort at Hororata & Terrace Downes.