Conference Photography Explained

Conference Photography Explained

Conference Photography in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, with its iconic landscape, is an ideal canvas for the conference events. Post quakes, the rebuild has ensured that the city centre is compact enough for people to walk about. Yet as a city, it also big enough to provide a variety of specialty venues and activities, especially now with Te Pae up and running. There are an increasing pool of hotel options now available. Given many businesses and event planners are also back into their work after the festive break, this could be a great time to explore how Photoshots can help with your conference or event.

From award nights, cocktail parties, business presentations, community workshops, or panel discussions, Tony and his team at Photoshots are experienced providing high quality image captures. Over the years, they have works at a whole range of venues, at manner of conventions, conferences and gala dinners. On the periphery of corporate and conference type events, they are also able to assist at reunions & jubilees, civic awards, concerts, hui, fundraisers, balls / formals and exhibitions.


Tony and his staff bring a wealth of experience that can enhance the value of your conference by:

  1. Storytelling through Imagery: By capturing key moments and emotions, Tony and his team can transform ordinary scenes and moments into a compelling narrative. The photos you receive have the power to convey the atmosphere, energy, and essence of your conference, creating a visual story that can resonates beyond the reach of the event itself. Photos will serve as cherished record for your organisation, and can act as powerful marketing tools, conveying the vibrancy driving your conference experience. Photos are great to share after your event in newsletters, an annual report,  delegate photos galleries and for promoting next year’s event!
  2. Professionalism and Expertise: With years of experience in the photographic industry, Tony brings a level of professionalism and expertise that will reassure conference organizers and delegates alike. His mastery of the craft ensures that photos are well composed, well-lit, and thoughtfully executed. Reflecting the high standards of photographic craft expected. Especially important, given that most event photography is often at the whim of low light and darkened rooms!
  3. Live Event Coverage: With scheduling and planning, Tony can provide real-time documentation of your conference. This not only serves as a valuable visual record for attendees at the time, but also creates a buzz on social media, extending the event’s reach to a broader audience.
  4. Showcasing the Venue and Locale: Tony’s talent extends beyond capturing people. He excels at showcasing the venue and the surrounding locale. Whether it’s the architectural elegance of the conference venue, or the scenic beauty of Canterbury, his photos can become a promotional asset for future events, enticing potential attendees and sponsors.
  5. Enhancing Brand Image: High-quality event photos contribute to the overall branding of your business or organisation. Tony and his staff are all well aware of the importance of enhancing your visual identity, to reflect positively on sponsors, organizers, and participants. Are people engaged, are they enjoying themselves, are logos prominent…? These images can be utilized in a range of future promotional materials, websites, and marketing collateral.
  6. Polite Engagement and Interaction: Tony and staff pride themselves on being able to engage with all people respectfully and politely. This can range from children and venue staff, through to CEO’s, VIP’s and Ministers.
  7. Understanding the Best Approach. Often the approach to photography varies within an event. Tony has 24yrs experience understanding large events, so gets that sometimes photography needs to be invisible and discreet.  ie keynote speakers, strategic planning sessions, AGM discussions, VIPs… Other times, photography needs to be directive and interactive, in order to work efficiently and keep on schedule. ie delegate group photo… Yet for other parts, a soft personable approach is necessary to engage with polite intrusion, ensuring breadth of coverage expected. ie conversazione, mix and mingle, dinner tables, sponsors…


In essence, a Photoshots contribution to your conference will exceed the mere provision of photos themselves. It will be a powerful visual record, that enriches your overall event. It will provide a rich archive for sponsors and future marketing, and a cherished record for participants and stakeholders. All while balancing discretion and polite engagement.

So, Photoshots would love to help your business, Association, Institute, or committee! You can see further conference work here:

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Exhibition hall set out with sponsors stands at pharmaceutical conference, Te Pae Christchurch.

Mixed group smiling at corporate networking event.