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At Photoshots, we have everything required to set up a complete studio at your premises. You may not have fancy décor, or much in the way of natural lighting. That doesn’t matter, as this is where we can help. Knowing this can be a problem for many businesses, we have a full array of professional lighting to solve this concern. With our kit, you will have professional photographs indistinguishable from those taken in a actual photographic studio.

Photography at your premises is indeed a service that can save you both time and money. Productivity need not be affected by having staff off-site, or away from key work stations for extended periods. Yet you retain the professionalism of studio photography.

We have backdrops, as well as post production facilities to provide the best end product for whatever output you may desire.

Part of our lighting kit includes a portable battery pack. We do not require mains power, so can set up in the mountains, riverbeds, or simply in the yard beyond the reach of an extension lead. This means we can provide full studio capability ANYWHERE. We also have constant source tungsten lighting (as opposed to flash / strobe) for video production.

Work produced for commercial clients is used on websites, as display prints, in magazines, prospectuses, catalogues, annual reports, books, brochures, on social media, billboards, business cards, at point of sale… pretty much anything and everything you can imagine.

Photographs we get asked to produce are used across a wide range of formats. Whatever your requirements, big or small, printed or pixels, we will do our best to help.




Large Print



Annual Report

Display Prints


Aerial Photography

Working at height can be intimidating to some, but is a valued service provided in the safest manner available. This may include shooting from a balloon, helicopter, fixed wing craft, crane, scissor lift or scaffold.

Low Light Captures

Be it naturally dark locations, astrophotography, or theatre / performance, low light image production is a specialist area we excel at.

VIP and Dignitaries

At Photoshots we are familiar working with national and international dignitaries. Security and confidentiality sensitivities are all understood, as well as respect for etiquette and efficiency

HDR or High Dynamic Range Imagery

A post production technique that is the closest replication of human vision. But also used for creative flair with assorted special effects applied.

Infra Red Capture

A speciality largely within landscape and architectural genres, infra red photos have a unique black and white look.

Macro Photography

Everyday camera equipment is not able to get close to small objects. Professional macro lenses and lighting enable even the smallest products to look their best.

Time Lapse

This is a distinct area of expertise, developed from a lot of trial and error! Short run creative sequences (1-12hrs) is a specialty, currently using Kessler 3 axis shuttle-pod and dolly apparatus imported from the USA. This clip is a combination of video, time lapse & still images, originally compiled to illustrate the growing genre of Fusion image production.


Digital camera systems can also be employed for video capture, complemented by professional audio and lighting systems. We have wireless Lavalier (lapel) microphones, external recording devices and on camera directional mic's. This is complemented by post production facilities for the production of effective, short sequence video clips.


Best assembled from a selection of multiple images, panorama stitching not only produces a photograph with a unique shape, but builds large files suited to large reproduction.

Health and Safety

SpecHS03There is no better sense than common sense when working in complex operating environments! With over seventeen years commercial experience, it is our desire to provide the very best image production in the safest possible manner. We will observe all site rules, and are familiar with the requirement for site inductions at most construction, industrial and food premises. In compliance with site specific OSH requirements, Photoshots has full PPE (steel capped boots, hard hat, high vis, eye protection, ear protection) where these are required. Site Safe Passport holder and Working at Heights Certified.

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Additional imagery is held with One Shot, a New Zealand internet based stock library.

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