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Pursuit of Giants and Shark Petition

Following on from our Pursuit of Giants trip to Stewart Island, we have launched a petition to try and get better protection for Great White Sharks in that area.

We urge you to take a look and sign using the link below.



“Edwards Island, despite its diminutive size, holds significant ecological importance, being one of only five known locations globally where the endangered great white sharks congregate and breed. With an estimated global population of merely 3,500 individuals, it is our responsibility to ensure the survival and protection of this awe-inspiring species.

Tragically, according to scientists, boat operators and locals, the very existence of these majestic creatures is now threatened by the actions of a few individuals from Stewart Island who feel threatened by the presence of the great white sharks. In an alarming attempt to eliminate their perceived threat, it is alledged that these individuals have been deliberately setting nets in the small area where the sharks aggregate, with the sole intent of capturing and killing them. Such actions have already led to the disruption of the sharks’ ecology, causing them to disperse and flee from their natural aggregation site.

By forcibly dispersing these great white sharks, the delicate balance of their habitat is disturbed, making the risks greater for New Zealanders and water users. As the sharks then move unpredictably along coastlines where they shouldn’t be, encounters with humans and water activities potentially become more hazardous. A marine reserve around Edward’s Island would serve as a protective sanctuary, preventing malicious fishing practices whilst allowing these endangered creatures to thrive and continue to be observed and monitored.

The establishment of this marine reserve is not only a matter of conservation but also of safeguarding the safety of the New Zealand population. By maintaining a designated protected area for the great white sharks, we create a win-win situation where the sharks can continue their vital role in the ecosystem, and New Zealanders can enjoy their coastal waters without increased risks.

Let us unite our voices in this petition to protect the beautiful great white sharks and ensure a safer future for all water users. By signing this petition, we call upon the government and the Department of Conservation to act swiftly and establish a marine reserve around Edward’s Island. Together, we can preserve the biodiversity of our oceans and showcase New Zealand’s commitment to wildlife conservation on the global stage.

Sign now and be a part of the change we wish to see for the endangered great white sharks and the waters of New Zealand. Together, we can make a difference”.