Srey Leak & Sophen, Jan 30th 2016 - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

Srey Leak & Sophen, Jan 30th 2016

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Srey Leak and Sophen on Saturday. Having known their wider family for some years now, it is quite a privilege to again be asked to photograph a family wedding. It is a great feeling knowing many of the quests – though I can only hope my pronounciation was up to speed!

The wedding itself was at Broadfield Gardens in Selwyn. A beautiful private garden that is a true labour of love, and a joy to work in. Photos were taken there, as well as Lincoln University, and the the AA testing yard in Hornby. Luckily being a Saturday afternoon, we didnt have to queue in line! Madam Kwong took all guests in for a lovely meal, dancing and general celebrations. Actually, I think there would be few places in CHCH that could cope with 200+ guests. Well done.

Please enjoy a wee taste of photos here!