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Welcome Back

New Year, new staff? I’d love to chat!

It’s that time of year where businesses kick back into gear after the seasonal break. HR will often schedule new appointments to start fresh for the year ahead. Many professional firms have new graduate intakes, and often organisations take the chance to regroup after the holidays, with regional inductions, sales meetings or planning sessions. If you have staff coming together, or have employed new team members, this could be a great opportunity to keep both your webpage, and general marketing collateral, current. That’s where I can help with professional head shots, staff profiles, executive portraits.  Yet it may be as simple as updating email footers, an internal staff identifier board, or employee of the month promotion.

Your staff imagery is how your clients see you, often before they actually get to meet you. As they say, ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’.

If you review your current imagery of your staff, CEO, SLT, Directors, or Board – does this showcase the professionalism and warmth that project the values of your business?

If you aren’t sure, that’s how I can help. I offer all clients a ‘no cost, no obligation’ approach, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. In practise, it costs you nothing to talk about your ideas. Plus if I don’t come up with something that provides your business with value, equally, there is no charge. You can only benefit. Now that’s a win!

Mock up of professional headshots.

I have mobile studio equipment that can be set up on site to provide professional studio style portraits. While often in a boardroom or training area, this is equally able to to be set up anywhere. This could be a warehouse, office, garage or outside.The choice is yours in fact.

Warehouse staff profile


It needn’t be ‘flash’ (excuse the photography pun!). Often it is just a space, and you’ll be amazed just how professional the outcome is.

I will adapt your space and provide whatever lighting and background kit may be needed to produce imagery , in whatever style you require.

The advantage especially if you have several staff to profile, is they can all stay on site and remain productive. This is a cost saving to you, and makes for an efficient photo session. The advantage is staff are generally more relaxed, able to just jump in / out as needed.

Studio style portrait layout in a storage warehouse.

If you would like to talk about options for your business, please call or email. I’ll do my best to help.