Having trained and worked as a secondary school teacher, Tony first became enthralled with photography while travelling overseas. Returning to New Zealand from adventures in over 65 countries, he took the opportunity to diversify his career by retraining at Christchurch Polytechnic.

Much of Tony’s work is Christchurch based, with frequent trips to other parts of the country. Wedding and commercial photography form the basis of his business, with assorted function, event, stock and portrait imagery also featuring prominently. For the ten years, Tony also tutored part time in the photography department at Christchurch Polytech (CPIT).

In June 2005, Tony travelled to the highly respected Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California. This was a scholarship placement awarded annually by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. In 2006, as part of ongoing award entries, Associate status within the Institute was awarded. In 2007, Master of Photography status was reached, followed in 2010 by NZIPP Fellow. Subsequent bars to Fellow has since been awarded.

Until early 2010, Tony was Regional Chairperson for the Canterbury-Westland branch of NZIPP (NZ Institute of Professional Photographers). This was a voluntary position held for three years, overseeing a local committee tasked with organising meetings, seminars, workshops & speakers for professional photographers. Following on this, Tony was part of the NZIPP Honours Council for a further five years, tasked with overseeing the national professional photography awards each year. Currently, he holds the role of Project Co-ordinator for the NZIPP-RSA WWII veterans project.

Tony values thorough organization and reliability, in addition to the support provided from professional photographic labs. As a dedicated professional, Tony works hard not just to provide quality images, but an overall photographic experience.

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“To find a job you love I think is a rare opportunity. I feel so fortunate to enjoy photography as I do, knowing this is only a rare possibility for many. For work not to feel like work, keeps me passionate about what I do. To feel passionate about photography is more than just f-stops and focal length. To me, this is about people.

I have met so many neat people through this medium – other photographers, students and a whole range of clients. For this, I am eternally grateful. I cherish the interaction that photography affords – the chance to thrive under pressure, share some of life’s most tender moments, to be able to leave a visual legacy for people.

The power of photography for me is not the magic of the darkroom discovered at an early age, or a first childhood camera. It is the people I have had the pleasure to meet, and the satisfaction I receive from knowing I have helped make them happy in some way.”