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Conference Photography Explained

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Framing Excellence : Conference Photography in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, with its iconic landscape, is an ideal canvas for the conference events. Post quakes, the rebuild has ensured that the city centre is compact enough for people to walk about. Yet as a city, it also big enough to provide a variety of specialty venues and activities, especially now with Te Pae up and running. There are an increasing pool of hotel options now available. Given many businesses and event planners are also back into their work after the festive break, this could be a great time to explore how Photoshots can help with your conference or event.

From award nights, cocktail parties, business presentations, community workshops, or panel discussions, Tony and his team at Photoshots are experienced providing high quality image captures. Over the years, they have works at a whole range of venues, at manner of conventions, conferences and gala dinners. On the periphery of corporate and conference type events, they are also able to assist at reunions & jubilees, civic awards, concerts, hui, fundraisers, balls / formals and exhibitions.


Tony and his staff bring a wealth of experience that can enhance the value of your conference by:

  1. Storytelling through Imagery: By capturing key moments and emotions, Tony and his team can transform ordinary scenes and moments into a compelling narrative. The photos you receive have the power to convey the atmosphere, energy, and essence of your conference, creating a visual story that can resonates beyond the reach of the event itself. Photos will serve as cherished record for your organisation, and can act as powerful marketing tools, conveying the vibrancy driving your conference experience. Photos are great to share after your event in newsletters, an annual report,  delegate photos galleries and for promoting next year’s event!
  2. Professionalism and Expertise: With years of experience in the photographic industry, Tony brings a level of professionalism and expertise that will reassure conference organizers and delegates alike. His mastery of the craft ensures that photos are well composed, well-lit, and thoughtfully executed. Reflecting the high standards of photographic craft expected. Especially important, given that most event photography is often at the whim of low light and darkened rooms!
  3. Live Event Coverage: With scheduling and planning, Tony can provide real-time documentation of your conference. This not only serves as a valuable visual record for attendees at the time, but also creates a buzz on social media, extending the event’s reach to a broader audience.
  4. Showcasing the Venue and Locale: Tony’s talent extends beyond capturing people. He excels at showcasing the venue and the surrounding locale. Whether it’s the architectural elegance of the conference venue, or the scenic beauty of Canterbury, his photos can become a promotional asset for future events, enticing potential attendees and sponsors.
  5. Enhancing Brand Image: High-quality event photos contribute to the overall branding of your business or organisation. Tony and his staff are all well aware of the importance of enhancing your visual identity, to reflect positively on sponsors, organizers, and participants. Are people engaged, are they enjoying themselves, are logos prominent…? These images can be utilized in a range of future promotional materials, websites, and marketing collateral.
  6. Polite Engagement and Interaction: Tony and staff pride themselves on being able to engage with all people respectfully and politely. This can range from children and venue staff, through to CEO’s, VIP’s and Ministers.
  7. Understanding the Best Approach. Often the approach to photography varies within an event. Tony has 24yrs experience understanding large events, so gets that sometimes photography needs to be invisible and discreet.  ie keynote speakers, strategic planning sessions, AGM discussions, VIPs… Other times, photography needs to be directive and interactive, in order to work efficiently and keep on schedule. ie delegate group photo… Yet for other parts, a soft personable approach is necessary to engage with polite intrusion, ensuring breadth of coverage expected. ie conversazione, mix and mingle, dinner tables, sponsors…


In essence, a Photoshots contribution to your conference will exceed the mere provision of photos themselves. It will be a powerful visual record, that enriches your overall event. It will provide a rich archive for sponsors and future marketing, and a cherished record for participants and stakeholders. All while balancing discretion and polite engagement.

So, Photoshots would love to help your business, Association, Institute, or committee! You can see further conference work here:


You can email or call Tony here


Exhibition hall set out with sponsors stands at pharmaceutical conference, Te Pae Christchurch.

Mixed group smiling at corporate networking event.

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New Fine Art Visualisations

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

The newest page to the Photoshots website was a fine art gallery launched late last year. There are ~250 photos available to purchase as prints, framed enlargements or canvas wall art.

Here you can view many of my award images, and photos taken from assorted outdoor adventures and personal projects. Perfect to enjoy in print at home, at work, or as a gift for someone special.

Much of the work has been taken from various personal trips, that I have taken to explore the great outdoors. I will commonly head about Canterbury or Otago with the sole objective to take photos for pleasure.  I don’t always have a full plan as such, rather more a vague desire to try new technique, or visit somewhere new that I have only heard about. Often too, it is genuine exploration, driving down side roads just ‘to see’ what is there. It is seldom without reward, and I have been richly rewarded from such curiosity on many trips.

Subsequently I have many landscape images from all about the South Island, and to a lesser extent the North Island. I have tried to avoid too many ‘chocolate box’ photos, as I realise there are many other portals that will offer similar views. Instead, I have tried to offer a variety of locations, with visually interesting compositions, and unique interpretations. Though some locations are not always able to be truly unique – especially if you stick to signed areas and paths as required as good guardians of the countryside. Yet lighting and camera craft will always offer opportunity to add something unique to me.

I was taken very early in my career by the colourful series taken by Robin Morrison as he toured heartland New Zealand. I too have a fascination with simple design, with bold colour. Quite often these aesthetic elements are  juxtaposed amongst quite unexpected ‘finds’ out and about in heartland New Zealand.

House with newpaper curtains.


I have provided variations of colour and black and white, as well as a variety of size formats. These range from square (1:1 ratio), some 5:7, and panoramic 3:1 ratio. The most common by far though is native full frame 3:2 camera ratio.

Since launching, the gallery has recently had a refresh. Using some clever design software, many sample photos have been added, as well as a sizing guide. The room visuals offer a very clever interpretation of various frame options, sizing and generally how a photo may look in a domestic or office setting.

The aim is to assist prospective art buyers better understand the options online. I know that is challenging on computer, trying to guage what size or finish  is best.

Yet I will always be on hand to help, and offer advice as needed.



You can view all images here:



Some examples of fine art photos available, displayed using mock ups in ‘real’ environments.

Framed print of the Aurora Australis displayed on a living room wall, taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart.


Framed fina art canvas displayed on a living room wall, taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart.


Moody black and white canvas displayed on a lounge wall, taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart.


Panorama print of Fiordland displayed on a lounge room wall, taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart.


Jesus face framed enlargement hung as a sample on a lounge wall, taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart.


Framed and matted wall print taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart, hung up in a living room.


Abstract textured photo taken by Christchurch photographer Tony Stewart, hung up in a living room.


Sample sizse available for wall art.


You can view all images here:


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NZIPP Interview

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024
This month we were lucky enough to chat with NZIPP Accredited professional photographer and Christchurch based NZIPP Grand Master Tony Stewart from Photoshots
📸Tell us about yourself….
Tony: Well, I live on the outskirts of Christchurch,  shooting a wide range of photographic genres about Canterbury.
📸How did you develop an interest in Professional Photography?
Tony: From my OE some years ago really. I loved the idea of taking photos all around the place but didn’t always know how I got something looking good, or why others didn’t work out! I left a career in teaching to retrain once back in NZ.
📸What type of Photography do you do most?
Tony: Probably mostly commercial & events these days. Business profiles, products, award dinners, conference – that sort of thing. Though I still photograph  weddings, teams, schools, etc as well.
📸Your best memory as a photographer?
Tony: Not one so much, rather many that come from meeting a wide range of fascinating people and having access to some pretty neat places not otherwise available to the public.
📸Do you spend a lot of time editing your work?
Tony: Umm, yes, and no. I think there is base post production that is inevitable for all photographers. I try not to overedit. Where I can, I do try and provide hours for staff, to take care of this side of things.
📸Is there any artist/photographer who inspired your art?
Tony: I do love the raw documentary nature, and social commentary of Sebastião Salgado. Not quite sure this has inspired my work directly as such.
📸What type of gear do you shoot with, and which one is your favourite?
Tony: I’m a Canon user through and through. It was the first camera that I got for my 21st birthday. I then bought a flash, then a lens, then another…. you know it goes!!
📸If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?
Tony: Well, that was the time of Quakes here in Canterbury, so a broad folio with depth across several genres kept me in business during pretty trying times. So I’d say diversification has worked for me. Unless you are wanting to be a specialist in something that especially spins your dials, or have developed a very strong niche, having options is good.
📸What do you think is your biggest accomplishment?
Tony: Definitely becoming Grand Master. That was big for me and was not a certain accomplishment by any means. It was a big commitment that was the result of consistent effort and hard work.
📸What makes the good picture stand out from the average?
Tony: Good design, intrigue, connection, spot colour, composition…
📸What is in your Camera Bag?
Tony: As I get older, my ‘go to’ kit is getting slightly lighter – haha!
In essence, my everyday bag has a Canon R6 and R5, with 5DIV back up. I pack wide, mid and tele L series lenses. I take x2 on-camera flash, various filters, intervalometer, batteries, cards, meter and colour checker. Often in conjunction with a set of pocket wizards, Manfrotto tripod, and off camera flash.
📸Do you have a Bucket List for 2024?
Tony: Yes, there is one place especially I want to photograph overseas. I won’t say here in case I jinx it, but it will take some saving and some co-ordination for just how it might work out. It is a bit remote, and not a place many get to venture!
📸What 3 words describe your photography style?
Tony: Created naturally hopefully!
📸What are your other passions?
Tony: Cooking, gardening, skiing, travelling, outdoors, hunting, craft beer, & dining out.
📸Anything else you would like to add?
Tony: I’ve since worked out photography is like perpetually opening doors. One opens, and you think you have the answer. But then there is always another one in front to discover after that! There is always something to learn and discover. I love it.
📸Why did you join NZIPP?
Tony: Support when starting out for sure. Education about how to be a photographer through various seminars and conferences. Then I think that evolved to become more about awards. Now 20yrs+, while those things remain equally valid, I would say it is now more about good people and connections.
Some folk will be familiar with the In Pursuit of Giants adventures that we’ve created. That has been such a neat experience that wouldn’t have been possible without NZIPP camaraderie. It combines a lot of things that I enjoy – taking photos, having a laugh, getting outdoors, physical challenge, exploring new places,… (over the odd beer!).
Post quake abandoned houses in residential red zone, Christchurch
Moody fine art black and white photo of breakwater bollards.
Bride and father arrive at a wedding in sports car.
Moody black and white fine art photo of an abandoned truck in paddock.

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Large Groups

Monday, February 12th, 2024

One of the key aspects of photography I enjoy the most as a working professional, is the variety of people I get to work with. From schools and conferences,  to weddings and businesses, I get to meet a huge variety of folk. Yet at the end of the day, they choose a photographer to deliver some form of visual record, and it is my job to secure that in a timely and professional manner.

This week I have had the pleasure of working with two large groups, each after an annual group photo, that will form an important visual legacy within the archive of each organisation.

While the value of photography is immediate (‘Oh, there I am there!’), I believe the enduring record of photography is far more important. Photos serves as a time capsule far into the future, and why I am a huge proponent of print. If you think about your own family, and those passed, there are few other links to generations gone by. I know in my family, one treasured hierloom from my Scottish forebears, is a tattered black and white photo my Great, Great, Grandfather and Mother, with their large brood of children. They are posed outside their tiny cottage in North Otago, which would have been a big deal to have taken back in the day – most likely on a large format view camera by a travelling photographer. Dating from the 1870’s, other hierloom treasures do not connect as directly as this visual record that they left for us.

I enjoy the concept that in years to come, older folk will get to reflect on their youthful looks, that we can to laugh at fashion from time gone by (think back to the 80’s now!), that there is something to show for a valued filled life. That taking photos, is to value history.

It isn’t always about how often you look at something either. Rather, is about memories, and how you feel when you do look back at photos.

So if you have a school or group, do feel free to make contact. Or perhaps are on a reunion or jubilee committee, belong to a community group, or help run a sports club. Maybe you are planning a prizegiving event or retirement function, an anniversary, a hui, a big festival, a tournament, regatta, rally, … the list is endless! I’d love to help. You have a little bit of my philosophy here 🙂.



Group photograph of large Kura Kaupapa in Ōtatauhi Christchurch, New Zealand.

Professional annual group photograph of large girls school in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Welcome Back

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

New Year, new staff? I’d love to chat!

It’s that time of year where businesses kick back into gear after the seasonal break. HR will often schedule new appointments to start fresh for the year ahead. Many professional firms have new graduate intakes, and often organisations take the chance to regroup after the holidays, with regional inductions, sales meetings or planning sessions. If you have staff coming together, or have employed new team members, this could be a great opportunity to keep both your webpage, and general marketing collateral, current. That’s where I can help with professional head shots, staff profiles, executive portraits.  Yet it may be as simple as updating email footers, an internal staff identifier board, or employee of the month promotion.

Your staff imagery is how your clients see you, often before they actually get to meet you. As they say, ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’.

If you review your current imagery of your staff, CEO, SLT, Directors, or Board – does this showcase the professionalism and warmth that project the values of your business?

If you aren’t sure, that’s how I can help. I offer all clients a ‘no cost, no obligation’ approach, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. In practise, it costs you nothing to talk about your ideas. Plus if I don’t come up with something that provides your business with value, equally, there is no charge. You can only benefit. Now that’s a win!

Mock up of professional headshots.

I have mobile studio equipment that can be set up on site to provide professional studio style portraits. While often in a boardroom or training area, this is equally able to to be set up anywhere. This could be a warehouse, office, garage or outside.The choice is yours in fact.

Warehouse staff profile


It needn’t be ‘flash’ (excuse the photography pun!). Often it is just a space, and you’ll be amazed just how professional the outcome is.

I will adapt your space and provide whatever lighting and background kit may be needed to produce imagery , in whatever style you require.

The advantage especially if you have several staff to profile, is they can all stay on site and remain productive. This is a cost saving to you, and makes for an efficient photo session. The advantage is staff are generally more relaxed, able to just jump in / out as needed.

Studio style portrait layout in a storage warehouse.

If you would like to talk about options for your business, please call or email. I’ll do my best to help.



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Merry Christmas

Monday, December 18th, 2023

Merry Christmas to all. It is my hope that the busy festive season, with all its madness, may soon subside. The traffic, the malls, the hayfever sniffles…. argh!!!

I have just had Covid, so managed an enforced start to my ‘holidays’ that I wasnt quite expecting! Better than right on Christmas though huh?!

I remain on email and cell throughout the festive period, on deck helping out some busy rural clients. If you have any queries during this time, please sing out. Should you may be looking to the year ahead, maybe to tidy your desk in anticipation of annual leave, this indeed is a great time to make contact. My 2024 diary has already started to ‘punctuate’, so should you have specific requests for photography next year, I will do my best to lock in any date requirements (ie reunions, dinners, awards, balls / formal, graduations, conference, etc). I’m also happy looking ahead accommodate general coverage. Maybe a webpage refresh, new staff profiles or simply an update of your general business marketing / advertising material. I will do my best to help. It remains my aim to provide the very best photographic experience for all clients, both old and new, here in wider Christchurch / Canterbury.

Anyway, I hope Christmas may be a relaxing time for all,  for you to enjoy friends, family, and a cracker kiwi summer. Though CHCH so far has been quite variable weather wise, so hopefully more sun than we have rain.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year,

Tony and staff.

Merry Christmas


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Fine Art SPECIAL only 24hrs to go!

Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Only 24hrs to go! Receive a 30% Discount on all Fine Art prints, before Dec 2nd, using the code XMAS in the shopping cart.

You can view my full range of professional photos here:


This collection consists largely of my non commercial photography. Often personal projects, award imagery and side projects. More often than not, the content you see here is from ‘Tony Time’. The times when I go out with a camera on adventures, usually about the South Island high country. Certainly taking the time out to enjoy our beautiful country is not something I take for granted. At a time of chaos in different parts of the world, there is a serenity afforded to us here in the New Zealand outdoors, that is not lost on me. I for one are very grateful to living in New Zealand, to have peace, and opportunity. So it is a pleasure to be able to share these photos. For they keep me fresh & passionate, and invigorated personally and professionally.

For others, I hope you can experience this passion and adventure in my work. For whatever occasion you may be buying, it is my hope that these photos may be enjoyed for many years to come. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement gift, or a wedding gift. Or no doubt on many people’s radar at the moment – as a Christmas present!

You can order framed photos or canvas artwork ready to hang, or or ‘straight’ prints on a variety of fine art paper for you to custom frame, or display how you wish.

There are panoramic prints (3:1 ratio) , square (1:1 ratio), though most are as recorded in camera (3:2 ratio). You will see a range of colour, post produced treatment and textures, as well classic black and white.

All orders include shipping, and are packaged securely for security of delivery.



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You name it, I have probably photographed it!

Thursday, November 30th, 2023

A big part of my professional day to day work is to record special occasions for clients.

What would be a special occasion you might ask?

Of course this varies. For some, it is a small and intimate event. For others, it might be a grand affair with hundreds of people. What I do know, is no two are ever quite the same!


College House university hall 2023 formal photo

College House university hall 2023 informal photo


Sometimes people just want photos having fun. Yep, I can do that!

You might see from this page and the rest of my site, that I photograph balls, formals, concerts, dances, dinners, jubilees and reunions!

Girls dancing at school ball / formal


Sometimes it can be a bit more serious. These boys are especially commited to their school haka, taken on their last day as they graduate from high school.

Maori student performs haka at school ceremony


Other times, it can be quite formal, often with low light, in quite challenging conditions.

This time of year is very busy with graduations, leavers dinners, and Christmas parties.

(Oh, and concerts, corporate awards, concerts, civic events, banquets, exposés, showcases, musicals, dance recitals, cocktail parties, symposiums, hui, exhibitions, opening extravaganzas, festivals, expo’s…. in fact you name it, I have probably photographed it!).

Scholarship prize winner receives award on stage at school graduation.

Civic awards dinner, Selwyn events centre, Rolleston.

Winners pose with mayor Sam Broughton at civic awards dinner, Selwyn events centre, Rolleston.


Sometimes, it isn’t even about people! Sometimes it is a product launch, or a venue, or a space!

Car on display at product launch event, Te Pae convention centre, Christchurch.


Whatever spins your wheels, I’m certainly here to help.

For more commercial events, please click here:



For general events, please click here:



Contact me here:


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